Women March for Change is aimed at uniting voices of dissent against the targeted attacks on the Constitutional rights of women in India. 


The queen of the hills, or “Darjeeling” as it is known, has always been a place of inspiration for me. Since the year 2006, I have been a frequent visitor to the hills, but then the smile of the residents here, in spite of all the hardships has always raised verities of questions in my…

Life in Rains!

“God is good for everybody. The sun shines on good people and bad people, and it rains on both, too. God doesn’t choose rain only for bad people.” Mariano Rivera Gone are the days when people used to create resonating sounds in earthen drums just to please the rain gods. Now it’s all a matter…

Night Full of DREAMS!

The night is young The night is for the dreamers And for the struggles to begin, but The night always sets us free! So, this is probably the only time when human beings get acquainted with the comfort zones of the nature! Probably the only time, when they are able to leave a hassle free…

Spying the streets with my 5 MP!

I named this project “Conversations and Movements”, and I tried to post process most of the pictures in the brightest of the hues, to properly supplicate my friends with the emotions the subjects in the pictures revealed in the best possible ways.

Bong Valentine!

As the situations say, Red can be said to be the color of Love and also of February. Possibly the whole world celebrates being with their loved ones on 14th of this month and we the Bengalis make the best of it on the much awaited Saraswati Puja! So we are on a benefit here….

Kolkata-The Street full of books!

I still remember when I was nine or ten years old, I used to take a stroll with my mother down the lanes of College Street. I was always buying books, though the habit wore off with time and I associated myself with a lot of technicalities of life. But that smell of old books…