Spying the streets with my 5 MP!

I named this project “Conversations and Movements”, and I tried to post process most of the pictures in the brightest of the hues, to properly supplicate my friends with the emotions the subjects in the pictures revealed in the best possible ways.

Bong Valentine!

As the situations say, Red can be said to be the color of Love and also of February. Possibly the whole world celebrates being with their loved ones on 14th of this month and we the Bengalis make the best of it on the much awaited Saraswati Puja! So we are on a benefit here….

Kolkata-The Street full of books!

I still remember when I was nine or ten years old, I used to take a stroll with my mother down the lanes of College Street. I was always buying books, though the habit wore off with time and I associated myself with a lot of technicalities of life. But that smell of old books…

Changing Faces!

Often you may come across some familiar faces, but it’s not as usually as it seems to be.

Delhi 2!

Amidst the varieties of religions getting their proper refuge in this Capital city, we get to enjoy the servings of proper dishes with its distinguishable aroma. The temperature of course can play a huge role, in selecting your type of proper diet. The colorful fashions light up the streets even during the day, with illuminating…


Delhi, as they say is a place where hearts and arts meet. Referring to this context, a series of cultural diversities can be experienced if you take a stroll on the winding roads. Monuments and heritage buildings welcome you with open arms, round the corners of this city’s age old memories. The foods may serve…

Chaotic Phases!

Change has been a constant companion of my losing attire. Have been shedding parts of mine to understand the meaning, life has to show me.


A man in a white robe made a visit. A small shop it was, without a roof to help. The guy was much younger than he appeared to be. He got shocked at the old man’s appearance. He stood up just to help him, and they meet each other in the eye. Following thing happened:…

The Demon Inside Me!

That happy thought I tried to slip Instead, I sank too deep. With the course of pleasure They served me a desire. A lonely world I think They must be in To think of us as weary But too strong to seek. The technicality of a third eye The dreams of my reality Clashes with the…