On 4th of April, 2019 Women Activists, Transgenders, Transsexuals, Working Class, Dalit, Muslim and Disabled Women took out a March For Change from Ramlila Maidan, Entally to ShyamBazar by foot, shouting slogans that demanded for equal recognition should be given after the election. The rally was also to reject the current environment of hate and violence and to claim their constitutional rights as citizens of a democratic republic. Women March for Change is aimed at uniting voices of dissent against the targeted attacks on the Constitutional rights of women in India.

Women captured the streets through varieties of performances and slogans and music, distributing pamphlets to normal women and male people who gathered from nearby hearing the sounds of the rally.

Film Maker Aparna Sen was present at the spot and at the very beginning of the rally she told us to focus on the point that women should be given proper recognition in terms of their livelihood and in terms of finding equal opportunity to work.

The Kolkata March For Change was part of a nationwide protest that took place in 15 States and 146 Cities of India.






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