Life in a M-E-T-R-O!

Founded in 1969, the metro has proved to be a proper substitute for any other transport mediums that rules the heart of the city of Kolkata. Being absorbed into a metamorphosed life of chaos this medium is availed by more than 5 lakh to 8 lakh commuters on a daily basis, that makes us realize how we are being engulfed by time and always look for a better and subtle way of shifting our mediums to avail the variety of comfort and hastiness.
Crunched in between the sweet fragrance of labour and time chasing working class people of Kolkata, these small compartments can easily give the essence of the city without being physically present in the caged diaphragm of the busy metropolis. The metro is a life saver as well as a representation of all the busy minds and nerves of the city, connecting the various business areas and suburbs of this whole giant breathing above us. We are just in the belly of it.


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  1. Interesting aesthetic treatment!

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    1. ritgentar says:

      Thank you so much Eduardo!! I tried to bring the chaotic motions to life! Your comment means a lot!


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