Lost and found again!

“Our very keen sense of observation grows from a very young age. It rejects every connection as we mature through every step of advancement, that we take towards life. But, the relationships that we make, in the springtime, stay till the end.”

Just like friendship! A term that I thought cease to exist, as we get wrapped up more within the appreciation of the living animation of the so called systematic timetable. But when three of the survivors got together, we proved that even among the modern day drama, the reminiscences of a lost childhood never lose their desirability. It can only be triggered by taking some time off from the so called regularity of life, that has turned us into automated statuettes. That’s when we realize, Life is more than a soul trapped within a figurine. Its more than the compromises that we have ever made.

Following pictures are from a visit to Jalpaiguri, Dooars, which was in fact the first outing for me in two years of my work life. I have assembled some of the pictures in a poetic statement to give rise to a feel, of a nomadic life, that we all somehow dream to have. But we always keep a small fraction of that hunger behind the working screens, so that it doesn’t get affected, within the insubstantial wall of modernity.


The beginning of a new day; favored us in a silver lining!

With a fresh new color; we bid goodbye to the rusted past.

Our eyes were closed, but we enjoyed this serenity!

We got to hear the sound of our laughter, again. Thanks to the cup of fresh liquor!  

Dried up synapses of my brain regained their normality.

Roads of new temptations; my love I’m here.

Glory of God. And how we all feel jealous about each other.

Temptations of tomorrow gather for a lusty evening; how I wish the cup was never full.

Silence above all.

Dance above culture; immortalizes the power of speech.

Comfort zone within our desires, always starts from the innocent hearts.

Even dreams have their mischievous tricks. 

Keep an open eye, a loving heart and the roads will take you everywhere. 

Little House of Pink; gone within an eye’s blink.

Valley of love; but alas, no luck for me.

Storms of strength reminded us of what we lack
alone he waits; watches and spreads the truth.

Nature has no reason for its act; its perfectly non human.

19Some people don’t deserve to be Loved!

Even though broken; he has life in his eyes
Pain for truth and road devoid of harsh lies.

I’m going to miss you when I go!

We will go far away, to nowhere, to conquer, to fertilize until we become tired. Then we will stop and there will be our home.


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