B R O K E N !

What is happiness? Is it just another state of being or an affair taken in daily dose to suffice the needs for the cloud of obscurity to pass by?

It’s just another medium where we negotiate ourselves with the logical understanding of the doubt to create a scar despite several turbulence that break us from inside. The dreams that we experience is nothing but what we face in our daily lives. In one sense it helps us to live a life that we despise of seeing in others. Even we hope to live a life fueled by desires that does not have a fixed constituency of its own legacy. The regularity of chaos and heartbreaks and desolated talks suffices the outcome of the hungers to be fed by the narrations of our life.

This indeed is a hard task to live by and we are in dire need of dreams that can set us free from the known ingredients and throw us into the deepest and darkest pit where nothing seems familiar to us. There lies the fun of creating new and vivid images that were previously keeping you bind within the social strategy of life and where nothing is new. You need to dig them out to keep the speculated factors within your own segment of social identity where the note itself may be sufficient to severe the joint tenancy. And then we are left to think what we have to offer.

In between the life I lead, and the reality I face, I try to dream and venture the unknown ritualistic natures of the society, when the light is not at all bright and nightmares of cruel life rules in the veins of the city I live in. They are all parts of my agony that has tortured me every single time. But I still look ahead.










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