Life in Rains!

“God is good for everybody. The sun shines on good people and bad people, and it rains on both, too. God doesn’t choose rain only for bad people.”

Mariano Rivera

Gone are the days when people used to create resonating sounds in earthen drums just to please the rain gods. Now it’s all a matter of forecast and for a brief moment it seemed to us that we have left behind the superstitions beliefs that relied upon the fact that, “Only Gods can control the climate.” But we have often seen that these beliefs often win over, despite the best possible reasons stated by science. Even Bible depicted that water comes from cosmic ocean just above the firmament and through the act of God; drops of water are distilled as mists in the rain and pours down upon as blessings. Slowly as we advanced, our thinking reached out for more practical reasons to depend on and we slowly shed this notion, which lost its meaning completely in the era of science. We have often seen that after a long soak in the bath water, our fingers and toes shrivel to a certain extent and possibly this gives rise to the fact that sometimes back our ancestors might have been living in ancient rain forests, some 10 billion years ago. And we, through millions of years of evolution, have emerged out as the sole survivor of all Hominids and one of the most adaptable species in the human history.

It’s been two years in Pune, I never felt the urge to record the various moments that one get to face in the rain. So, as soon as I heard the lightning strike, I woke up and went out in the streets with my camera to record some of the events.  The dried up roads finally got a rich storehouse of waters and as usual the roads got filled up with waters and cracks. Heavy spells brought some relief to the city and the water crisis got over. So, the long wait of the city, which has been facing rains on every alternate day, was greeted with a blessing.  The blank corners, the pain and the long wait seem to last long amidst the heavy downpour. The tea stalls seem to get filled up with loud gossips and the children appeared to be reluctant to go to their schools. It seemed as if a blanket of clouds spread over the sunny side of our mind and time seemed to come at a halt where life just got suspended in between the why and the whereabouts.

Every time it rained, I went out to face the unknown. The reason behind the pictures have no meaning at all, rather than that they give us a view of unity to which the people successfully blended in, in spite of the several complications of life. In fact, the very existence of God, about whom we have shed our beliefs in, again brought us close together. This time he served as an unpredictable effort.

In the land of the Marathas, this time the cultural festivities clashed with the much awaited prayers of intercession. Their convivial mood didn’t get dampened at all, and the expectations of the people got raised to an all new excitement level. The smiles reflected in the flavors they wore and their spirits were high on cultural harmony. Be it in the chants of Shree Krishna or in the hymns of Shree Ganpati, the sound of the rain drops found its perfect symphony to get featured in.


































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