Creating Strings of Tension!


“We don’t do well with infinity and endless possibility, and so we break things down into individual units and into stories. And then we accidentally believe in those stories, and we accidentally start acting them out.”
-Jessa Crispin

Signs and moments collide at almost every point in one’s life. We just need to be aware. There are indeed certain ingredients that can create strings of tension among the ordinary and can serve as a mental indication as to what the universe is trying to say to you.  You just need to follow the semiotics at the ability to recognize them at their very best, that almost depends upon you.

Kodaikanal, India – 2012. The Lost Horse in the Mountains


Sometimes back, color photography really seemed to create a creative palette in my mind. Why not mix different colors as to depict the emotional structure through a photograph, but then the string of alignment will never be perfect if it is aligned according to it. Colors must create an effect of emotion that a voyager goes through. He is facing the colors of the world and he is dissolving in it just to create a rather fine, refined structure of him. But then, what’s a subject without a color. It creates a vacant ambiance as to what can be rewritten by the way you see it to be. Any particular situation creating a certain significant error can surely denote what you see. Every error you make can give rise to a situation that will be able to get produced inside you.

Kodaikanal, India 2012- The wooden log house and shroom interactions!

Goa, India 2012- The Infinite Realizations.

What’s an emotion, which does not reflect amidst the hues of ocean blue textures and yellow sunny skies? It’s a vacant lie. Rather than this the art which can create a tension is surely missing within the picture you have been imagining. It’s not always the romantic affair of conglomerates that drives you towards the emotional and colorful lies, that reflects through our cheap perfumes, extravagant lifestyles, exotic foods and lustful of affairs only to claim that I have been honest all my life. That sort of love only makes you weak and the deviant nature to know about the society, in the natural way it behaves to be, remains absent all along your way.

Kodaikanal, India 2012- The truth is not always black and white!

Goa, India 2012- The Hippie Culture.

For some time, in my life, I have been roaming. No, it has not been the typical life, which most of us dream to be. Some sleepless nights surely can serve to be a cheap affair with local whisky and heartbreaks, but what if you are constantly seen running with the same sort of dream that you once believed in, but now lie in huge debris of constructive and materialistic needs. That does not suffice the qualities in which you want to be in. But it forces us to choose the things that curtail our liberty at the cost of our own dreams. The same torn out jeans that you have been wearing since the past 5 years or the same rugged boots seem to serve as the solitude within which you are breathing in.

Kodaikanal, India 2012 – To live a creative life, you must loose the fear the subdue.

Kodaikanal, India 2012 – High on Life!

When everyone was keen to follow in the lines of the corporate affairs for some time, there were some people who wanted to break the general flow of the same old cliché tendency of the similar minds. The combed up hair techniques and the tucked in shirt will never be form of the patterns that I had imagined to make a form of my life. If that meant, breaking out of a similar wavelength then it was the best possible thing that could have ever happened with me. People face the consequences of this so called “Rebel Life” Nature, but then we could relate life with it. Rather than submitting my soul to the so-called fake smiles of corporate affair, I was happy subduing to the addictive forces of nature, in a new way to know the realities of life more closely. And indeed that is what makes you and who you are going to be in the upcoming decades.

Orissa, India 2013 – 5 years of hardcore truth.

Bangalore, India 2012- The silent graveyard!

And that’s how, the part of colors quietly faded from my life, and the harsh nature evidently invited the hues of black and white textures. The reflection of the false facades of life seemed to be a bit close. The strong wave of practicality swept our minds, but there were no such colors. They were all along a part of our imagination, as to why we want to experience bright hues. We want to be happy, and we don’t want to reveal what’s inside of us. The vulnerable nature really can cause an uprising in the requirement list that is going on and on since the past centuries, but still we are not yet aware of what more do we need. There’s more to it, I guess. And this is the time, when the clashes happened. My shared opinions seemed to guide me through a win-win scenario of life, where pacts were made to know the ongoing sentiments, people associate themselves with. But, those formed no part of me. They are just like the smokes of passion, which will engulf themselves within the blatant high and then simply make them a part of the waste.

Pune, India 2016 -Surrounding. 

Goa, India 2012 – The structures of sand and stone. 

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