Born and brought up in the City of Keralabad, in Iran, a little girl had a dream and she believed in chasing it. Today she is one of the many self made women, who have managed to break out of the age old barriers of customs and has emerged out as a Brand Icon representing India, in almost all of the Automobile Events. She is Maral Maya Yazarloo!

After doing her BBA from tehran, she came to India in Pune. Somewhere down the end of her mind, she already had a dream. A dream to settle in India, and to set up a Brand Name in the Fashion Industry. So, after carrying out with her MBA degree from Wadia College she did a Ph.D in Marketing from Pune University and got associated with Panchshil Realty, where she headed the Retail and Corporate Communication Sector. In fact, this connection helped her a lot to get associated with a lot of brands and in a short course of time she also did a Course in Fashion Designing from Milan and set up her own new brand named as MARAL YAZARLOO! The brand already got its appreciation in Milan, Paris and Rome and after that she aimed for the markets of India and Dubai. The idea was an instant hit and her style got globally accepted in due course of time. She is planning to set it up in New York, London and in Vancouver by the end of 2017.

Moving out at the age of 21, it’s almost been a journey of 13 long years in India. And for most of the times she has been out of her hometown. But, she has already got a small family, here in India. She believes fashion should have a presence of elegance in it and it should be classy and not cheesy at all costs. And women doesn’t need to show their skin to look elegant and rather they just need to be, like the way they want to be. Most of her products are made in her own house workshops and the three things she focuses on while setting up her own style are Colour, Design and Aesthetic. Most of the times she goes on with the culture or traditional attires that were once there in our fashion. Her unique style lies in the fact of blending the subtle styles of yesterday in to the urban fashions of the present time.

She believes in the fact, that one needs to be traveller and not a biker because there are certain advantages of being a traveller. To be a traveller you need to have the unbeatable desire to venture out the unexperienced or the unseen things, that you have never ever experienced before. You need to open up with the fellow passengers and in short you need to be in a full packaging content having all the qualities.

She is at present the only female HOG rider in India to have represented India in various conventions and events. She was he only female rider amongst 43 men in Daman and the only female to be amongst the 75 Royal Riders in Bhutan. She also has a solo 1000 km journey from Italy to Swiss Alps on a 1000cc Harley Fat Boy, scribbled in her account of records. Possibly the only Lady Biker to have completed 1, 20, 000 kms within a span of 5 years on all of her bikes. She personally happens to own a  Night Rod 1200 CC, Harley Fat Boy Special 1600CC , Ducati Diavel and BMW GS. She always believes on the “One Stop” concept, while riding and always tries to reach her destination at one go. She is frequently joined by her fellow rider from Ahmedabad, Srijit Panekar (aged 25) who also has a Harley Road King, Kawasaki H2 and Tiger Triumph 1200 CC. This friend of her has been on almost all of the rides along with her.

While travelling she also happens to be on research and to satisfy her hunger for knowledge. She happens to find out the beauty of the sense of fashion amongst the tribes she crosses during her journeys. She is always in search of the Lost Tribes of Africa. But, frequent visits are not possible as, they need to take care of their health and need to solve the issues of Visas and health injections, which are of a dire need for you when you are in those areas.

On asked about four things that she has a dream of achieving, apart from sticking to automobiles and fashion she gave some unexpected and beautiful answers. Her first wish is to have a Kid and her second dream is to make her brand reach out in almost all of the top cities to gain a global recognition of acceptance. She has already gave birth to a culture of symbolic representation of going against the same old cliche structure that happens to exist for all the women worldwide. This attempt of her gave birth to the “Lady Riders of India” which consists of 22 members from all over India. So her third wish is to come up with a school where trainings can be provided to the girls, who actually idolise them and want to do something in this field. This can be a good social cause and to give something to the society. Teaching can rather help them to avoid unnecessary steps and can make them learn in a better way and in a easier way. Rather than exploiting them, they should be given a proper way to carry on with their passion in riding a bike or probably in racing a bike. Her fourth dream is to set up a Track for off roading in Pune. Since the last of couple of years, we all have experienced some growing number of good amount of Bike riders regarding cities of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore and she wants them to provide with a great cause to chase their dreams. This would make the situations more safe and helpful.

Her message to all the performers worldwide who look her as an inspiration goes like. “ The world is full of dreamers but the world needs dreamers who are doers!”
She believes in Dreaming and making it happening for Big minds can dream big and we are all human being capable of chasing a dream in all our possible ways.

Her message to the women of India goes like this. “Indian women are strong and brave and they need to carry on strongly with what they believe in. “

Her group of Lady Riders of India consists of female bikers from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and other parts of India. And occasionally they go for a ride along with them. They have their own style and sense of riding. In short they are all Superbikers. Now, this group has a criteria and that is, if you are pretending to be one of the biker girls, then this is just not the right place for you all. You need to own a super bike and second of all you need to have covered a distance of 10,000 kms in your bike. All the members have a Strong Sense of Trust and Bonding with each other which helps them out a lot during their traveling. And after all, why should boys have all the fun?

When asked about the 2017’s “One World One Ride” i.e. India to Alaska to South Africa and back via Australia, she said that she has dropped her name out of that tour as the other riders are not planning to go over her home country Iran. So she is keen to make a new route, that goes via Russia to Kazakhistan via Iran. She is not only keen to see her homeland after quite a long time, but with this she is also keen on setting up the record for the first Iranian woman ever to do this feat.






You can get to know the various shades of her life, reflecting in every single garments in her shop. She is always full of energy with a smile on her face, that invites lots of life in it. She is indeed one of the characters, who has got various shades of desire and charm associated in her life, that reflects quite beautifully in her bold nature.

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