At 5:30 in the morning few places in Pune can boast to serve you with a bustling crowd near Jahngir Hospital. Yes, we are talking about one of the best Iranian places in the city where you can grab a bite of the bun maska while sipping your hot coffee on the typical marble top tables and heavy chairs. Yes, we are talking about the legendary Vohuman Cafe. This is one such place where getting seats on a weekend can be a lucky affair. It’s been 39 years since its origin and now they have relocated the cafe in a totally different place with a classy and furnished look.

Established in the year 1978, this is one of the oldest joints in the city that can easily fulfill your taste buds with its great tasty foods at reasonable prices. Some say, it is the one of the best breakfast centers where one can enjoy delicious omelets and cheese toasts.

The name of the owner is Hormaz Irani and they have worked day and night to make this place one of the popular hotspots of the city. The name Vohuman stands for “Good Mind”.  The double egg cheese omelet can leave you searching for more and is literally a dish that will have the cheese melted inside your mouth till its last bite. Ask for the Cheese toast which serves as an addition to the flavor of the omelet along with a hot cup of Irani Chai. The Bun Maska is filled with a dollop of butter that might leave a happy feeling inside you before it melts away in your mouth and is soaked off by the bread.

After a night full of running around Octopus and Alpha Q, we made a visit in this Irani Cafe for a proper breakfast. We three had Double Egg Cheese Omelet along with Cheese Toasts and Bun Maska with Coffee. And when we went downstairs for the bill, we were asked by Mr. Hormaz Irani, “So how was the food? Hope you enjoyed it?” That was the best part and such homely ambiance and proper treatment can only be found at a place which now focuses on the way the customers are treated, but not on the money that they will have to pay. That my friend is the way you treat a customer, whether he is a regular one or a first timer.

Time: 5:30 am to 6:30 pm
Meal for three: Around 600 (depends on the quantity you are eating)
Location: Millennium Star, Near Ruby Hall, Dhole Patil Shah, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra-411001



The new location promises to be better in terms of fulfilling the taste buds of the food addicts!


The owner Mr. Hormaz Irani, has it going for almost 39 years now and he still welcomes everyone with an welcome gesture!


The double egg cheese omelette along with Bun Maska and Irani Chai!


The cheese toasts.


The weekend rush! IMG_20160710_091717

The Second Floor Arrangement!


The ground floor view!

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