Night Full of DREAMS!

The night is young
The night is for the dreamers
And for the struggles to begin, but
The night always sets us free!

So, this is probably the only time when human beings get acquainted with the comfort zones of the nature! Probably the only time, when they are able to leave a hassle free life and are able to come out in search of fun and frolic, because the night is always bold and young. For youth, it is mainly the time to give some time to their better halves, especially after getting out of office hours. Maybe a rooftop café or a long drive can set their mood. But what about the ones who lead a life without any dreams at all?  Or maybe in search of a better necessitate sufficing for the lost memories and agendas. One can never say what waits for them round the bend of life.

Pune, is one such smart city which has a diversified life style and as the days are progressing, the night life is becoming more colorful. But sadness follows everywhere, as I closely observed the dream deprived ones leading their monotonous life and staying happy all along. The shopkeepers and the people rushing on the streets, after their work are the best examples of some of the vibrant personalities who help us to determine how the life has been for them. Struggle follows them everywhere and this is one such life that I was happy to document.

The evening rush of the IT sector people, bound for their home and the lives of the shopkeepers who stay busy till the dead of the night are something to keep a close account of. So, here I am again on the roads, just to document the street at nights. The dazzling euphoric rush along with a nostalgic feel to become free surely lets us embrace the freedom for a brief moment of time, in order to get charged for the workload that one has to bear for the upcoming days, in the busy weekdays of their employed lives.


He makes the Jalebis while his wife helps him with the preparation! A rare sight to see where the work of the genders take a switch!


Finding Joy amidst the darkness of life. That’s the beauty of life!


Three Karate Kids out on a shopping!




The invasion of the Black Lady!


The place where religions matter! colorful and vibrant!


His vision of the blue dreams!


Chaos at the marketplace! Crossroads at night.


The orange Umbrella!


The peeping lady!


The freedom of the bygone age is just an era away!


The guardians!


Colorful Rush in the city at night!


Connecting Hands!


Bright city Lights and the disappointed face!


Rush and caught between speed!

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