L O N E L I N E S S !


For some, it may be bliss and for others it can be in the form of a gift. It can be in search of an idle time in the busy traffic of life to think of some new source of inspiration. A way of life, when the soul deeply craves for something more than the mere existence of what the survival has to offer.

Some travel alone, because they are able to think without anyone’s help or maybe they have complete faith on the ideas they create while they are on their journey.

It can serve as a form of gift, to develop your way of thinking, to judge the behaviors and to bring in a form of change to explore the harsh realities of life. It makes quite a clear sense of breaking the bond of silence to express, what your fragmented desires, craves to see or to experience.

Emptiness is an abstract form of life, which helps you to choose your own way of freedom and to curve a path, out of nothingness.

My project mainly deals with finding the personalities lost in thoughts with themselves. Though I never asked them about their thoughts, but the age old sediment of crevasses that got created in their physical resemblance, say a lot about the phase, they are going through.

Though it is a personal project, related to my consciousness, I often feel that the more you spend time with yourself, the more you get to judge your activities. Because the way you know yourself and the way you perceive yourself, brings your emotions out, to be judged and apprehended in some other way.

It all started, when I first took a self-timer photograph, in my own house. Specifically, I always think that if you are alone, you get the time to observe the compositions with more detailing and that gives one an idea to form a story within the image. The fine line of imagination that exists between the subject and the story, appears within a specific color that we use to express the picture to evoke certain feelings within the eyes and minds of the observer. They either admire it or they don’t. But then you can always apply variations invoking different feelings.

1st Project: Kolkata

Taken inside the Rabindra Sarobar lake, in the early morning, clearly shows what emptiness is like. It seems as if the branches have turned into a spiked beauty, to engulf the feelings inside it, but like the railings life goes on in it’s own way.


It seems as if the subject serves to be the missing link for the chains of barriers, to be held inside the captivity of the growing age.


With the age old trees serving as the shady patterns of life, an old man seems to take a walk of life, in the early morning.


A sheer balance of difference between the generation shows the way, the elders have separated themselves to be on their own path. Though,the fiddling nature with technology never ceases to exist.

Taken in Princep Ghat, depicting the resemblance between a boatman, who has no direction but has the strength to show the perfect destination to others and a bird who shows its liberation at it’s will. They both fly unknowingly with the sway of freedom.

The regular life of the common people seems to be jumbled up and locked behind the barriers of their own desires. But, they find a way out of their mess. Maybe, that’s what the thought is all about, when you are all alone.


Taken near College Street, Kolkata, the theme shows the variation of the brightest hues combining with the thoughts, that a common man usually has.

Taken in 2010, in Bandel Church, this old man has been curving wooden sculptures since the last 10 years for a fixed amount of wage. He sits alone, and that helps him to stay with his own self which helps him to overcome the work that he does.

2nd Project : Delhi

IMG_1034.jpgPaharganj Area of Delhi is a place where the combination of chai, chilam and chapati has been found to attract a lot of foreign as well as domestic customers. From the earthen vases to the colorful hand looms, everything changes the color of the area and this is where you find the female gender doing most of the work, all by themselves.

Historical sites are the best place to get alone with your thoughts. With the history of the arts, the thoughts of the common man blend to form stories of their own. They get out of their practical thoughts to come face to face with their imaginations, which they are hardly able to show. This image has been taken near Jantar Mantar of Delhi.

The Hauz Khauz area has a lot of parks where the people come for a walk, either with their families or with their families. Most of the people come for a lonely walk, just to  be with their thoughts for some time. They happen to find the solutions by asking questions to themselves.

Taken near the Red Fort, a man searches for the important news of the day.

3rd Project: Pune

Cars and the dogs are the only survivors at night. Some stay within their own and the others with their thoughts.

It’s Summer time and the in the soaring temperature, this guy opened up his shop to earn some money. He was just going on counting the money over and over again, just to make him happy. It’s a strange feeling, when people know, how to console his desires.

He was just fiddling with the switches of the transport, just like the way little boys meddle with their father’s transport, when they have nothing else going in their mind. Just an act of doing the things over and over, till they get hold of a certain thought to grasp on.

All day long, he is sitting and observing the little boys and girls at play. Maybe that helps him to get back to his own surprising years of youth, when he was fit and fine and was ready to take over the world. This is a sort of mental process to be with his own melody, when the rest of the world grows around him.

IMG_2045 (2).jpg
The age old history of Shaniwad Wada, can mesmerize anyone starting from the very extent of the wooden carvings, still standing strong to the era old stone designs and patterns. If one looks around the great mansion of space, he or she can feel the presence of the people who gave birth to that chronicle, which has lost its beauty, down the line.


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