Spying the streets with my 5 MP!

Streets are colorful
Streets are bright
Actions and Emotions
speak up right!

Your ears and eyes can intervene with a lot of frequency and colors, while you are on the streets. Such a feeling is quite common, but an urge to record them is quite rare. But for me, the movements and conversations to attract me in the form of the emotions they evoke and the expressions they manifest, must be captured in the form of stories to entreat a certain form of happiness.

Moments happen for a matter of time, and if you are looking for general compositions, you may get to know, that showing a laid back attitude to a single prominent occasion may cause you to forget that moment for a very long time. If you have seen it, you need to capture it, just at that very time.

While travelling in general buses, during my work hours I started observing the movements and conversations of the people in Pune. While focusing on the topics, they talked about; I also started observing their emotions. And, as I had no plans to let them know, that I am keeping a close watch over them, I started clicking certain pictures with my mobile phone. The piece of technology which I am currently using has a five mega pixel camera, with a sensor to balance the lightning conditions like most of the point and shoot cameras of the 80’s, and I had quite a fun, spying over them with my little friend.

For the first certain weeks, I made an observation regarding the timing of the buses, so as to get the same, usual subjects and to get familiarize with them to a certain extent. To understand the way they talk, to get to know about the timing when they give their best show, while having a close encounter with somebody familiar.

I named this project “Conversations and Movements”, and I tried to post process most of the pictures in the brightest of the hues, to properly supplicate my friends with the emotions the subjects in the pictures revealed in the best possible ways.

CameraZOOM-20160405074802479The girls open up the gate for their school journey, marking the starting of the day while the car waits to pick them up.

A boy waits in the bus stop with his parents just for the bus to come.

A different story happens in the morning. While she waits for her ride, she says bye to her love.

IMG_20160323_115515.jpgA strong rage of emotion is seen to have been evoked, when I saw a couple, quite deep in a conversation.

IMG_20160407_095348.jpgDesperation seems to hit its peak, when we get late and yet there’s no sign for the vehicle to reach my destined place.

Worried Faces!
A morning tea-session.

Breakfast with “Shahi Lassi”.

IMG_20160414_183121.jpgTwo women have a conversation while, the man ponders on with his own topic.

And when the morning rush, gushes into the stand for the pick-up, we are just stranded and left to decide.

IMG_20160411_094958.jpgSometimes you are lucky to get a proper seat inside the multi colored transport full of different emotions.

IMG_20160404_164449.jpgA woman riding a scooter with her husband in flying colors for work. It depicts that the female gender is working in per with the male gender at every instance.

IMG_20160407_185555.jpgBesides taking care of his sleeping brother, the elder son knows that he will have to take the responsibility some day or the other. So, why not from today?

IMG_20160406_182624.jpgAs the series of transport wait, to fill up their tanks, he is busy repairing his tires, to see whether it will last the whole day or not?

Caught in traffic, as the driver just hopes to get a relief, the young boy rests on his father’s chest, all tired.

IMG_20160324_153501.jpgA breakfast scenario in process on the morning.

IMG_20160411_101012.jpgAnd the girls keep marching on!

IMG_20160323_114108.jpgSome of us are going up fast!

Before starting the day, they have a power nap just to wake up feeling fresh.

In the meantime, the boys come out to play as the heat increase in the afternoon.

Some people take the other means of transport, while some prefers to wait for their ride.

IMG_20160319_163410.jpgThe women taking a haul, at a tea-stall.

The colorful lanes!

IMG_20160411_100937.jpgAs the shadow marches before, the boys get ready for their first class.

IMG_20160324_154441.jpgThe portrait of a Chai Wala!

IMG_20160324_153059.jpgFan of my mustache!

IMG_20160325_153042.jpgThere’s something wrong with the tea!

Busy repairing the electrical malfunctions!

IMG_20160407_095311.jpgHe sleeps, while they keep a watch over him!

IMG_20160316_175440.jpgIt’s never too late to have a break for the curtains of juice to overflow your health with.
And yes, do note the number!

IMG_20160311_114546.jpgFrom Inside!


Two old men and a cup of tea!

IMG_20160418_101825.jpgThe anxious looks, over a clip of music!

Remembering his school days!

Yellow Rush!

IMG_20160406_183609.jpgThe helping hand and the music player!

The deprived and the privileged!

Seems like a Friday!

The stripped patterns.

IMG_20160410_191609.jpg4 wise men!


Opposite Directions!

IMG_20160313_201757.jpgIt’s been a busy day, so look before you stretch!

IMG_20160323_032058.jpgWhat’s your drink? Give a thought!

IMG_20160411_193709.jpgHome Bound!


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  1. dearlilyjune says:

    I love the colors and composition of the shot just before the caption, “Sometimes you are lucky to get a proper seat inside the multi colored transport full of different emotions.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ritgentar says:

      Thank you June…You can share it too, if you feel that other photographers should also read this!!
      I will be more than obliged. Thank you again for the appreciation.

      Liked by 1 person

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