Changing Faces!

Often you may come across some familiar faces, but it’s not as usually as it seems to be. The face that you get to see in the mirror, may not be welcoming at all. Their flawless public facade masks their real perception that is full of despair opportunities. A lot can be going on in that head of theirs that has been through subjects of violence and tremendous pressure that they face from the burdens of life. But does that necessarily mean that we, the innocent become the victim of numerous accusations and humiliations in front of everyone else. And if we resist, we may end up dead on one side of the road, or maybe found breathing our last, till some help comes over.

A Stranger of the night
Breathing under the light
A lady in white; asked for a ride!
The vacant seat called out loud,
for another seat to sell the soul!
The danger of the night
With a bright red fight
Ended up somewhere far!



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