Delhi 2!

Amidst the varieties of religions getting their proper refuge in this Capital city, we get to enjoy the servings of proper dishes with its distinguishable aroma. The temperature of course can play a huge role, in selecting your type of proper diet.

The colorful fashions light up the streets even during the day, with illuminating desires. People here, have a different progressive, bridge of style consciousness that bears its own reflection. Of course, personality to carry on with it also engages in a very important role according to the roles each character plays. Summers are different with bright hues and winters are bold enough to carry with it a restless vogue of extravaganza.

Some of the heritage areas are renowned for maintaining its cultural traditionalist approach that mainly reflects in and around the areas of visit. But still, this is one such place where you can realize the reality that history has to show to its faithful devotees and followers who aim to receive more in terms of visual context.

The reality is often a veil to what the heart achieves to see.

Cyber City.jpg

The Cyborg runs through the heart of the city pumping travelers all around the city. From the cyber city adjoining the Gurgaon area, you can get a clear idea of how important it’s presence is.

Delhi gate

Security forces of Delhi are quite high, but most of them are lenient to the crimes happening there. Still, the blue and red lights circling, on the top of the cars often gives a felling of NYPD as seen in the Hollywood Movies. Taken in front of the India Gate, this monument was laid by His Highness, The Duke of Connaught.


Several Graffiti Arts have beautifully replaced the old and worn-out textures of walls all around the capital city. The bright colored textures can often be seen around Connaught Place and in Khan Market areas.


The areas of Old Delhi, where dead cars lay stranded amidst the beautiful new ones. People somewhere down the line have forgotten to respect the things that they once owned and went for the new ones. Less respect is shown to this antique pieces. But even the deceased have their own voices to go for.


People are always on the move is in the capital. The fact which makes it a busy state is because of the huge number of lawyers and courts strewn all across it. The presence of the Supreme Court along with the Lower Courts have helped a lot in serving proper Justice. And as a method of preserving the heritage of the lanes of the city, some of them have been replaced with colors and Graffiti works.


The famous Jama Masjid area, where traditional foods and art accessories are given prime importance. Probably the only place, where you can still get the rich variety of Red Meat items, bearing the smell of the conventional spices arising from the food you are planning to devour. The fragrance of perfumes also known as “ator” are a must buy, if you are looking for a good collection.

majnu ki tilla.jpg

“Majnu Ki Tilla” is an area where only Tibetans reside. Established around 1960, the only place where you can get items like thupkas, pork momos and all sorts of Hillside Cuisines along with a proper drink on a rooftop restaurant. With river Yamuna on one side, you can get to see the flashes of a forbidden kingdom inside its vicinity.


Lodhi Gardens is an excellent gateway to escape from the daily hustles of Delhi life, for a peaceful walk with the tombs being centrally placed in it. Some of them are covered with Blue Stones but, have now become the resting place for the birds on a summer day.


Kababs and “Meaty Delights” await the fellow travelers in Paharganj Area. An absolute treat for the taste buds to feel the desired flavors.


The “Hauz Khauz” area is covered with all sorts of entertainment for the youths to vouch for. Full of bars and gossip this area serve the young generation with clubs and music sessions with a great combo of sea foods. A perfect place for a couple to have a chilled out session in the adjacent parks and to have a conversation of their own.


Khan Market can help you to get the latest brand recognition in terms of fashion accessories. A place to get the perfect items for house decoration.


Even the foreign faces search for some local hand-loom items to be a part of the rich, cultural heritage that the state has to offer.


Where is the missing piece?


Girls will be on a shopping spree, if they get to encounter some of the rich, junk jewelries in and around the Connaught Place area.


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  1. johncoyote says:

    The photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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      1. johncoyote says:

        You are welcome. The photos made the city a temptation to visit.


      2. ritgentar says:

        The city is a must one to visit!!

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