Delhi, as they say is a place where hearts and arts meet. Referring to this context, a series of cultural diversities can be experienced if you take a stroll on the winding roads. Monuments and heritage buildings welcome you with open arms, round the corners of this city’s age old memories. The foods may serve as a culinary treat for the travelers, and the night life is not as happening as it seems to be. The place where metro cuts through the heart of the city, serving maximum population of commuters, helping them out with an easy viable route, avoiding the busy schedules of life during the peak hours.
The hippie markets, attracts a lot of foreigners to spend their money shopping hand-looms and crafty items. But, still at the end of the day, the question remains the same, “Is it safe and secure?” which might leave a slight doubt in the heads of the one who have seen the reality in the streets.

Overview shots.jpg

The area of Gurgaon: City getting built up, but proper distinction is visible comparing the developments happened and that are yet to happen.

En route to Gurgaon.jpg

En route to Gurgaon: You can clearly see the flights landing and the Airport Terminal happens to be in the way.


Women at work: Quite an independent gender in the capital city. They are seen to be doing most of the work, wherever you go. Taken at Agrasen ki Baouli, a heritage site but as the locals say, it is a haunted place.


Chased by time:  A city where, people are always busy doing things in their own way. Hardly worried about the time, they are always on the move. Near INA, one can get the varieties of hand-looms and crafty items to see, if they get a chance to visit the Handicraft Village.


With some college friends of mine, we had a great time enjoying Beef Curry and Beers on a rooftop restaurant in Majnu Ka Tilla. The night life in Delhi is mainly based on students enjoying it in their own way, with its own crowd.


This heritage site, I guess need not to be mentioned. Proper Heritage sites can be seen all over the city with people engaged in various activities. The heritage sites are the proper corners to take a rest or a cozy area for lovers to make sweet memories. Like the very first kiss or the very first proposal.


This is the proper place where one may get to encounter the hippies, enjoying the grand Indie combo of “Chai Chillum and Chapathi.” If you are shopaholic then you might fall in love with Paharganj area. And after a grand shopping spree, you can enjoy a proper English breakfast with Chilled Beer, on some of the rooftops restaurants in this area.


The Walk of Life: The spread of greenery around the lawns of Qutub Minar, is a definite visit, if you have someone special accompanying you. Various Mausoleums can be seen, around the compound depicting the history of this very age old architecture, still standing tall.  It seems as if time has curved itself, layered within the bricks with proper love shown by the nature.

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    1. ritgentar says:

      Thank you so so much!! I am preapring to write the second part!This gave me courage to carry on!! Thanks for the include again!!

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  1. iamHim says:

    I see what you mean by making the photos talk and use lesser words. A wonderful work done. After being away from your own country for 6 months, I could totally feel the flavor of Delhi back again in me through the pictures. I’m sure that itself explains how good this was!!

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    1. ritgentar says:

      Thank you sirjee!! I am obliged!!


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