Chaotic Phases!

Woke up in the era of 20. Already left my home and came to venture. Smoke became a constant companion in this phase of my life. Exams and Beers were a motive we needed to celebrate when friendship was there all along. Bunking classes to keep ourselves busy with the fanatic enjoyments of life. We were young and bold and free from all the responsibilities we were unaware of. First love, holding hands in the dark corridors promised a lot of mistakes. We overlooked the boundaries to evolve into a new being. A new caressing zeal that came to a sudden halt, when the acclaimed fate did not get any proper response. With a heavy heart, my beat never longed for someone new and promised never to be a part of anything more convincing.
Woke up in the era of 25. Change has been a constant companion of my losing attire. Have been shedding parts of mine to understand the meaning, life has to show me. It never made any sense, though but somewhere, someone admired me. The bottle has already lost its label and the brand name just faded along with the froth that flowed. A lost consciousness gave birth to a new sign to end the zeal of my beating heart. But, before that, the creativity should find it’s suitable place to gain some recognition and that’s what is still driving me not to finish the life, within a subtle gulp.
Woke up in the era of 30. Chaotic versions of poetic injustice welcomed me with a rough breeze scratching my health with scars. Some fresh wound opened up in a new way and some old wounds revisited with a knock. Ended up making the same old mistakes. Wounded by the same old gunshot that claimed my breath, once. The burnt out nozzle of the gun holstered, still seeking that crimson liquid, that once warmed the ground with the bygone life. Just a phase where ballads inform me to live and let live but I am adamant as I believe I have no hope left.

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