A man in a white robe made a visit. A small shop it was, without a roof to help. The guy was much younger than he appeared to be. He got shocked at the old man’s appearance. He stood up just to help him, and they meet each other in the eye. Following thing happened:

“So? You say you’re here!”
“Did someone bound me to be?”
“That’s not the question?”
A smirk appeared on the old man’s face.

“Did someone see you?”
“Crossed  all the hurdles. Didn’t I?”
“You, need to go now.”
The young man became impatient.

“Faith! No longer true!”
“From now to then. I’m here.”
“Good to hear!”
The old man looked at one side.

“Do you remember?”
“Man who follows his heart..”
“Creates his paradise.”
The old man’s eyes gleamed with happiness.

“Have it in your mind.”
“From, past to present..”
“Your dear reflection.”
The young man just saw his last words fade away in the thin mist, along with him. A thin layer of grey cloud obscured the sun in his glowing soul. He wondered, “Whether it was his own reflection! or not!”

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