The Dead Speaks a lot!

The mere vague existence of natural things, lying useless over a past decade can really make them useless. Rather than that, we can infer them being dead! They may appear to us as an element that is in need of a gentle care and touch, but they have been overlooked for a pretty long time.
Their existence has merely washed away them away. They merely become the survivors of a decade and witness to all the natural occasions, that have happened over a past few years.
Shut up by the cobwebs and their howling feeling ┬ábeing trapped in between the living and the dead have surely made them, an element of mere surprise. If they are discovered, it’s good for them; otherwise the survivors become the sufferers.

It seems as if nature has been cruel to them and denied them of special love, that they deserved in reality! But, somewhere down the line, they have lost their voice and the ability to speak out that they also have the right to survive just like us.

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