The RISE of the DELICATE Gender!

Last night, we were having a discussion about, “Why the female gender does doesn’t think sensibly before agreeing to accept a particular task? Why don’t they think properly before taking a particular job?”
We came to a conclusion at the end of the discussion though! Here’s how it went!
If we look back to our bygone era, we can see that there were hardly any women revolutionaries at that time. Some examples can of course be stated of Rani Lashmi Bai, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Kasturba Gandhi, Kittur Rani Chennamma, Sarojini Naidu, Sucheta Kriplani, Pratileta Waddekar, Padmaja Naidu any many more. They have all fought for the nation and participated in the uprising of the country. They were always among the class of gender, which was always suppressed over the ages. But, still we all must feel very proud that, these revolutionary personalities had the courage to emerge in spite of living in a male dominated society.
If we see in contrast, we will find a large number of Rajahs, Maharajas and Nawabs, whose names were all over India, in spite of the British dominated society before the actual fight for independence started. But, some of them were with the British and some of them fought to drive them out of the country. So, the step itself that was taken by the female genders of the country was worth noticeable. We all can be sure of the fact as we go through the pages of the history, which we can expect to see a certain uprising of the female genders later in time.
Possibly, if we come to the modern era, we can see a lot of changes in the law have been happening. Certain laws have been amended properly to make some changes in the conditions of the women in the society. Possibly the male chauvinists have at last taken a positive thinking to set up certain possibilities that are surely going to help the oppressed female classes of the society. They have been overlooked for centuries, but the step that was once taken by some of the protagonists of that era, has surely made certain conditions, so that their sufferings should not be overlooked.
Being a feminist from the bottom of my heart, I practically think, that the male dominated personalities have somewhere down the line became lazy. Or possibly they had overlooked the fact, which the other gender can also rise.
But, that doesn’t end all of our problems.

Today in the modern society we all can see, a lot of hard work, performed by the female class of the society. Exactly the type of work that was previously done by the male gender! Women are emerging in every field and in every aspect. Somewhere down the line from the pages of history they have become self motivated to rise. They have brought that change within themselves, “That if they can do it, why can’t we? After all we were there in the unfair past!”
So, the answer lies within the brief description itself, that the thinking might have had a uprising in the middle age of history before the transformation actually began. The male became lazy or possibly the success went over their head, and they didn’t even think that this type of situation can actually arise. Yes, its happening and they are rising.

So, do you really think, that after all the conditions that they have gone through over the ages, will they back out, from taking the chances, especially when the situations are in favor of them? No, they will not. They are going to fight back, and they are going to take every single facilities provided to them. They will never think what sort of situations can arise, if they do take them. They are just going to barge in and bag the hope, being given to them. Yes, they are rising and we, the males have developed a kind of care free attitude over the time.

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  1. Souradipta Maity says:

    A very well written and also a very thoughtful read. Hope this falls under the radar of right people so that they can too appreciate what you have done here…good going bro 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ritgentar says:

      Thank you!! That means a lot!! What started off as a discussion took a form of an article!! Spread it, if you like it!!


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