All for LOVE and a GUITAR to witness!

And the girl asked the boy, “Why don’t you play anymore?”
“Yeah, I still do! But, I don’t sing for the crowd. I play for myself.”
She replied, “You had such a beautiful voice..”
“Once…not anymore! Now, I am just another Eddie!”
He gave a smirk. He was quite sure, she hasn’t heard about Vedder.
But, then a question came in his mind. “What now?”

They are meeting after a span of 8 years. And yeah, they had a relationship. But, now it’s full of empty spaces. Neither of them has managed to love someone after they split up. Some ego clash actually tore them apart once. But, look at them now; they are still here, enjoying each other’s company as friends.  It’s a pain that both of them are hiding from each other, but facing each other’s company with a smile.

“So..heard you are still single?”, she asked.
“Who is going to accept me?” He gave a hearty laugh. “You know I am like a vacant soul, who actually doesn’t care. Being a musician doesn’t really make me occupied.”
“ if.”
“Really, I don’t care. I believe the one who has nothing to lose cares about life a lot rather than the one who has everything except the fear to die.”
She stared at him for a whole long minute.
He was busy taking the last drag from the cigarette.
She didn’t expect this saying from him. She asked, “So you actually don’t care whether you live or die.”
“Exactly, my point.” He was staring blankly towards the shoelaces and she was looking at him.
“You have changed a lot!”
“Yup! Life changes us and not time!”

She looked away from his face and he towards her. There was a moment of silence. She started to cry.

She said, “Maybe, it’s because of me..”
“Come on babe! It’s not your fault. Someday or the other it was supposed to happen. Then?”

She had tears in her eyes. He felt bad to some extent and thought maybe this wasn’t supposed to happen if they wouldn’t have met.

He picked up the guitar and started playing. He said, “This is a song I wrote 4 years ago. Kind of became popular though. Wanna hear it?”
She wiped her tears and nodded her head and her voice still trembling, as she tried to control the emotions from flowing out. “That’s so sweet!”

“The last time when we stayed all awake
you were there beside me, a firm shadow.
Keeping track of the lost time, with more;
thorns of life as it kisses you tomorrow.

Some say it as a gift we could share, just to
beg, steal and borrow; a feel so hollow.
I stopped keeping track of time, a red glow
a knife and a bloody hole, a lonely soul.

Life deserted me, like a gutter it swallowed
the haunted past of mine, a warrior so true.
Smokes and ashes; a killer past I had
now I dream well, in my bed full of sorrows.

Still I wonder, maybe there’s more to this
a life much higher than, for you and me.
It’s never the end, but a distance to follow,
with each other. When, you may not know?”

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