In search of L O V E!

Maybe it’s a bright new sunshine or possibly the end of another day. It can also be in the form of a blessing or can end up causing a pain. Indeed, the festive season brings a variation of surprises. It can be in the form of a homecoming or can be in the shape of a red cubicle, where you may hide your feelings. But, the result is not always featured, like the way you tend to post your heart break statuses. So, this is rather a euphoric vibe, which sets the mood apart.

Such is the story of this careless lover, who follows the basic rule of falling for the one with whom he has shared much of his feelings. Many a times, it has happened, but the result always gets crushed under the pointed ends of a woman’s stiletto. He wants to leave his haunting past behind. Covered with smokes and ashes it was not at all good. But, somehow it has crept upon him from behind just to turn him into another lifeless, feel less Zombie. The dried eyes haven’t witnessed the single touch of serenity over the past few decades. His tears got absorbed with the sadness, which took much of his happiness with him.

He can’t change, but he is making an attempt to.  His rules didn’t change, but their feelings towards him have undergone a stage 4 metamorphosis, taking most of his will to survive. He didn’t give up on his quest to seek for the eternal bliss and the most desired feeling, which everyone wants to achieve. His heartbeat has stopped more than once and the tired, red eyes still wide awake. His scaly lips are all red, because of the blood that has been coming out, from the lungs. He has been coughing all year long, still surviving strong.
Yes, it’s love that we all seek. Some search for it knowingly and some without any reason. But does Love really find you or is it just a basic understanding to be loved or to love? He’s still not sure of it. The last attempt to show his feelings desperately was greeted with an ignorant smile and a hole in his heart. Growing old with intoxicating stuff, deadly poisons the hemoglobin of his blood has become pale blue. But, he waits even after each failure, in vain just to do the same thing again. Trying to fall in love again!

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