Afraid to L O V E!

“A universal form of emotional bliss 
The wait and craving for a longing kiss
Can really turn time into a stone
When all we can’t see is HOPE. 

The haunted feel of opposite flesh
Too long, I have been waiting instead
Just another step, I take
Only to drown like when we first met!”

© Rit Gen Tar

No. We cannot. We form part of a very small portion of people left alone, who have the constant fear of hurting people. Maybe, that’s the reason that has made us grow neglective, about our own habits, living styles and to undermine our performance levels. It’s not only the pressure that we feel from outside, but there is something inside. A strong craving to be loved. It’s hard to say whether you can expect anyone to hear the voice from outside, but as they always say it always ends up being an echo.

Sometimes, it feels like the crushing palms of a writer, taking out his frustration over the unfinished note, that didn’t sound quite the way it was expected to be. The palms, slowly surrounding your inside emotions, only to create a heavy feeling, that slowly engulfs you into total blackness.You can slowly feel the darkness surrounding you from inside. Everything feels so lost.

Though, we say it’s an universal feel but the emotional bliss can cause you a burn. It’s not a feeling that comes around every single day. It needs time to develop and patience to gain maturity. It is a lengthy procedure. The way in which the level of variable epiphany increases to give you the feeling that you can also LOVE, can mesmerise you. It’s a different high.

When the need is sufficed, it can cause some change in your thinking habits. You are forced to put a pressure on those weak points to develop them as your winning criteria. The lonely life is full of blossoms and the sun is back with a vengeance. As if, the dark clouds have been cleared for a new beginning. A new path lies in your front. Just take a step forward and see that LIFE indeed is beautiful. But, then why do we stop, in spite of knowing that the feeling we have been searching for is just a few hands away.

People can really be a hypocrite or rather I must say that Life turns them into one. Life is a terrible mixture of good experiments and concrete abominations, that can really cause hallucinations. We are forced to pick up the way, that we would never have anyway. After all the heartbreaks due to the failure of the small expectations, we really don’t expect anything miraculous can happen and possibly that’s the thing that has made us not to love anymore.


Picture 1: ‘A hope of red tide.’
“A bright, new day might come your way!”
© Rit Gen Tar

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