Harsh life, displayed variably on STREETS!


Picture 1: “How many did she sell?”
And it’s all about competition and emerging out.
Picture © Rit Gen Tar


This is not the very first time I am walking on streets with my DSLR. Precisely, this is my second time. After some successful capture of various photographic personalities, this was my first time to participate in the 500px Global Photowalk that was held at Pune in India. 

Some harsh truth, you can see and not everyone welcomes you with open hands. It’s not like your daily routine where you may get to click some beautiful curves of a fully grown model. Or maybe, a hornbill or a sparrow, posing in front of your window shade just to get clicked. It’s a moment of reality where the mood may vary at any time. The scenario can be seen from their faces, but they never seem to show it fully. The scars of the permanent wound have taken away the smile from some people’s faces. It’s not an easy way to capture those, especially when you can see them in front of you. Even, though you do, you may feel like not to. And that my friend is the hardest part.

The second part is subject. Subjects can be found easily if you have got the correct eyes. I believe that the age of a man can be captured properly if you have the right face. Some may be expressive and some may tend to show the age-old troubles layered above each other in the physical form of wrinkles. The sedimentation of pain, sorrows, happiness and the troubles have got deposited in the skins in the form of crinkles. They have settled now. Those varieties of emotions have vanished amidst the daily hustles of their lives and they have somehow accepted the fate. 

Some people have made some choices about emerging out as a winner. They have worked day and night to set up their business in the streets. They have somehow managed to get mixed with the age of the lanes and the drains and the dust carried by the shoes of various personalities. They have seen the truth and the last one emerging out is the only witness, facing and surviving all of it. He can never loose. 

IMG_4653  IMG_4656 IMG_4659

Picture 2: “The Nightingale of Real India”
Quoted by Rizuwan Hazarika
Picture © Rit Gen Tar

So, I got to click a picture of this old lady. So, as you can see my description fits perfectly with her. She was the real proof that harsh life still exists in this world. And, yes it is in the streets. The people here doesn’t bear well with the stressful life of theirs. I shared this picture with my old friend and he wrote some lines about this pictorial composition. As, I was out of my words, after doing proper justice with the picture I asked him to lend some of his precious lines of his. And so I begin or rather I must say he begins:

This is not a fancy line borrowed from anywhere
It is the story of a nightingale for real
who starts her day
as the sun kisses the streets of India.

The bright horizon which never fails to show the purity of brightness
here comes an old nightingale
rocking her knees slowly and swiftly for her daily routine,
work to feed herself and her loved ones.

Many say it’s her compulsion for the work she does
Her gentle smile says it’s not compulsion but reflects her pride.

A real India is complete when nightingales like her are safe and sound and respected for the work they do. Yes, we indeed are proud of incredible India and its people.

As said by Rizuwan Ahmed Hazarika

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