Lost in the pages of History.

The hinges made a creaking sound! As I turned around I got to experience the presence of a lot of people around but one cannot see them or experience them directly. Its the presence of their movement, their cultural prodigy that gave a new structure to the strongly found era. Time, has been an ultimate proof, all along witnessing the arts being developed, etched in the stones and the walls in the compound of the Shaniwad Vada Fort in Pune. The age old wooden gates have only grown stronger and the extraordinary carvings of the art can only show the rise of the artistic taste amongst the people at that time. The corridors are so dark that it can engulf you at any moment or you can always expect to get surprised just round the corner by some fellow tourists who can happen to have the same sort of feelings. The maintained lawns can still see the fountains and the cannons kept in proper alignment with each other. But sometimes people can expect to see a lot of human efforts that gave birth to this fort. The sweat and hard labour can still be found in the wooden effigy of the pillars that support the main lobby hall in the third floor, from where one can clearly see the spread of land in front of the Fort complex.

In short, it felt good to be a part of the history, that was before me. It gave me a feeling that somewhere down the line, the chronicle has got lost with the passing of the era. But still there are some history loving people who would always like to contribute in order to learn some new things about the saga that clearly touched our history but only at a different phase of time.


The age old gates were previuosly used as an entrance to the fort, but now a permanent lock has been applied.


The origin of the creaking sound. Rusted Feelings!


Lost; but not faded in the long blinding corridors.

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  1. Nice series. I particularly like the one with the repeating pattern of wood located in the upper left corner of the image

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