Just a banged up thought!

Ok. So, basically when you are drunk, you can run behind a tequila just like sleeping with anyone and forgetting him when the night is over. It’s basically as easy as giving some used undies for a proper wash. So where’s the sympathy in it. Or you should just agree to the fact that busy bee hubbies just before leaving for work giving a kiss on his lifeline’s cheek as a boring act. It may be, but not every day you get to meet and bang a wild and drunk chick who can make you remember the good old college days. So, the underrated value lies in the burnt out toast that can happen to appear in your dish for one day. But that doesn’t mean that a surprise date cannot happen. It can come from the one whom you have been planning to betray but now there’s no chance and you fall for her again. So it’s not about the numbness you feel but what’s the use when you can’t even remember the way you loved her and how does it matter when you are not even bothered to know why she left? But you just sigh! Thank God, she is gone.

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